Set in a post-apocalyptic near future, our hero has accidentally travelled through time back from the year 1989. But Earth has changed and not a single human is alive. Only robots and monsters roam the World. Our hero must find out what has happened and get back to 1989 to prevent the grim future taking place.

8-bit Apocalypse is basically a mix of games like Zelda - A Link to the Past, Super Metroid, Wonder boy – The Dragons Trap, mixed with some western style RPG elements too. But it is also a hard as nails retro platformer with adventure game elements.

Open world means completely seamless transitions from one area to another throughout the whole game. No one tells you where to go or what to do, everything is open. You must figure it all out by yourself. Of course, you must buy, find, or win different items or skills to move on. So, this will guide you gently around the giant playable areas.

8-bit Apocalypse includes tons of boss fights, special items to buy and find in special side quests. A RPG levelling system, where you can upgrade your special skills, like for example shooting or bartering - or even flying. You just have to get experience to level up. This drive to get more money, buy new items and get more experience, will make your keep playing just a little more.  

Is 8-Bit Apocalypse 8-Bit?

Not at all. No more than Doom Eternal or Far Cry 5. But we have worked under a set of self-made rules, to give the impression of being somewhat 8-bit. Unless this game was made for an emulator for real 8-bit hardware, it would not be 8-Bit running in Windows 10, Mac for Linux.

The rules are the following:

  • 320X160 resolution
  • 20 color palette
  • 4 colors + black per sprite/texture
  • All sounds made with 8 bit synthesizer only
  • Only Chiptune music

    New Open World RPG Retro Platformer

    But we have also taken some non 8-bit liberties to use:

    • Physics engine
    • Transparency in textures, effects and sprites
    • 60 fps
    • 15-20 megabyte installation size